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Failure in Safety-Critical Systems:
A Handbook of Accident and Incident Reporting

The full reference is:
C.W. Johnson, Failure in Safety-Critical Systems: A Handbook of Accident and Incident Reporting, University of Glasgow Press, Glasgow, Scotland, October 2003.
ISBN 0-85261-784-4.

There are copyright notices and some tips for downloading the documents. You can download a single file containing all of the chapters to ease printing. However, the PDF is 10Mb and it may be less frustrating to download it chapter by chapter. If you spot any typos or corrections then please let me know as I'm trying to improve the manuscript when time allows.

Thanks, Chris Johnson, Glasgow, 2003.

Front of book cover Back of book cover Copyright issues:This version is placed on the web for personal use only. Commercial use of this material requires the explicit prior permission of the author. If you find this book useful, please make a donation to your local children's charity.

Download tips: There are some problems in generating good pdf screen images from the document preparation tool that I used (a brief technical explanation). Although the text may appear slightly 'fuzzy' on the screen, it will print correctly.

The file size and network congestion may create problems in accessing the book from the links on this page. In most browsers, if you select the right mouse button over the link it will enable you to 'save target as' - this will download a copy onto your hard disk. You should then be able to monitor the progress of the download.

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