The Bow Doors


Situated at the bow of the G Deck, the bow doors were double weathertight doors of welded steel construction with a clear opening of 6.0m x 4.9m (Section 4.4 Page 3).

Events Leading to Accident

Event Report Refs
17:40 In order to load the upper car deck (E Deck) of the Herald at Zebrugge it was necessarty to trim the Ship by the Head to lower it nearer the ramp. To do this it was necessary to fill balast tanks Nos. 14 and 3 with water approximately 2 hours before arriving at Zebrugge. The emptying of these tanks commenced at this time in order to raise the ship to its correct position in preparation for departure. 7.3 (Page 5) 8.1 (page 5)
18:05 Herald departs port of Zebrugge with bow doors open 1.1 (Page 1) 9.3 (Page 7)
18:25 The combination of dynamic synkage and an increase in bow wave height caused water to enter over the bow sill 9.3 (Page 7) IV (Page 71)