The Bridge


The bridge was the location of the wheel house. It was situated on a half deck level between A deck, which contained the Officer's accomodation and the radio room, and the B deck which housed passenger areas and mess rooms (Section 4.6 Page 3).

Events Leading to Accident

Event Report Refs
18:05 Herald Departs Zebrugge going astern from the berth, turns to starboard and proceeds to the sea through the inner harbour. 1.1 (Page 1)
9.1 (Page 7)
18:20 Ship passes inner breakwater travelling at combinator 4 9.3 (Page 7) IV (Page 71)
18:23 Ship passes outer mole 9.3 (Page 7) IV (Page 71)
18:24 Captain Lewry sets combinator 6 on all three engines and the herald accelerates rapidly from 14 knots to possible ultimate speed of 18 knots. 9.3 (Page 7) IV (Page 71)
18:25 John Edward Butler(Steward) hears water on the stairs IV (Page 71)
18:28 Ship lurches 30 degrees to port, temporarily becomes stable then slowly capsizes to port 9.3 (Page 7) IV (Page 68) IV (Page 71)
18:28 Bridge clock stops IV (Page 71)
18:30 Capsize completes and ship comes to rest at angle of 90 degrees to port 9.3 (Page 7) IV (page 71)


A Combinator is an engine control on the bridge. The herald was being manouvered on combinators. At any one position the propellor pitch is combined with revolutions and engine throttle to give the desired speed.