Workshop on the

Investigation and Reporting of Incidents and Accidents

17th - 20th July 2002, The Senate Room, University of Glasgow.

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21st European Conference on Human Decision Making and Control immediately before IRIA.

Themes: Incident and accident reporting systems play a primary role in the safety of many different industries across the globe. These systems are extremely diverse; the practices and techniques that have been developed within one industry are seldom shared by those in other areas. Similarly, techniques that have been developed within one national industry are often completely different from those that are exploited in other countries. These observations have considerable practical consequences. It can be difficult or impossible to exchange data between these many diverse systems. Similarly, it can be difficult to ensure that `best practices' are effectively transferred between industries and between national systems. This workshop is intended to provide a forum for the exchange of information about incident and accident reporting systems in many different application domains, including but not limited to aviation, chemical process industry, healthcare, military systems, the rail industry and nuclear applications. We are interested in multi-disciplinary approaches that address the following topics, although we welcome papers that address issues beyond these particular items:

Saturday 20th July will provide the opportunity for informal discussions about the issues raised during the workshop. It will be spent on the Isle of Arran, off the West Coast of Scotland. The 21st European Annual Conference on Human Decision Making and Control will also be held in Glasgow immediately before this workshop. The intention is that delegates will be able to register for both meetings at a reduced rate.

Deadlines: Authors should submit full papers not exceeding 6000 words. Alternatively, there will be an opportunity to present more interactive work in the form of posters. In this case, authors should send abstracts of their proposed presentation not exceeding 2000 words. All submissions must reach Chris Johnson to arrive by 15th April 2002. Electronic submissions are encouraged. Authors will be notified of the committee's decision and revised final versions of all papers must be returned by 15th June for inclusion in the proceedings. There will be preprints of all of the papers at the workshop. Selected papers from the workshop will be published in a forthcoming book on accident and incident reporting.

Programme Committee:
David Aha, US Naval Research Laboratory.
Sue Bogner, Inst. for Study of Medical Error.
Daniela Busse, Microsoft, USA.
P. Carlo Cacciabue, European Research Centre.
Kren Clayton, UK Health and Safety Executive.
Jan Davies, University of Calgary, Canada.
Peter Galison, Harvard University, USA.
Andrew Hale, Delft Univ. of Technology, NL.
C. Michael Holloway, NASA Langley, USA.
Chris Johnson, Univ. of Glasgow, Scotland.
Peter Ladkin, Univ. Bielefeld, Germany.
Gilles Le Galo, EUROCONTROL, Belgium.
Mike O'Leary, British Airways, UK.
Jari Nisula, AIRBUS, France.
Olof Norlen, Swedish Air Traffic Control (Luftfartsverket)
Constance Perin, MIT, USA.
Peter Tait, CHIRP, UK.
Tjerk van der Schaaf, T.U. Eindhoven, NL.
Peter Stastny, EUROCOCONTROL, Belgium.
Barry Strauch, NTSB, USA.
David Woods, Ohio State Univ., USA.
Linda Wright, Delft Univ., NL.

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