Ph.D. Student at the University of Glasgow.


  1. Norrie, L. and Murray-Smith, R. Virtual Sensors: Rapid Prototyping of Ubiquitous Interaction with a Mobile Phone and a Kinect. MobileHCI '11 (2011).
  2. Norrie, L. and Koelle, M. and Murray-Smith, R. and Kranz, M. Putting Books Back on the Shelf: Situated Interactions with Digital Book Collections on a Smartphone. MUM '13 (2013).


Personal portfolio

I am a current a Ph.D. student and member of the Inference, Dynamics and Interaction Group at the University of Glasgow. My research is funded by EPSRC. The focus of my Ph.D. thesis is to reduce the cost of user interactions through adaptive and situated mobile interfaces. My work in developing situated mobile interactions using the Microsoft Kinect has been published in research papers. I am soon to complete my thesis, and hope to join industry in early 2015.


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Getting posts...