Research and knowlodge exchange projects with both national and international industry and/or academic partners. My current active project is BigDataStack, where we are examining how to use real-time log data from cloud cluster deployments to produce effective machine-learned models for ranking candidate ways a user's application might be deployed on the cloud.

2018-2020 EC Horizon 2020
BigDataStack Holistic stack for big data applications and operations

The aim of BigDataStack is to deliver a set of technologies that cover the complete stack of what is required for data operations and applications in a cloud computing environment. While the majority of the approaches for data operations and data-intensive applications (e.g. Hadoop, Spark, Hive, etc) "run on top" on typical infrastructure management systems (e.g. OpenStack, vCloud, CloudStack, etc), BigDataStack aims to develop a frontrunner data-driven cluster management system that is runtime adaptable, fully efficient and optimized for data operations, managing resources according to data-based decisions.

Other Partners: IBM NEC Europe Red Hat Israel Atos Spain GFT Italia Danaos Shipping Ltd. Athens Technology Centre LeanXScale Ubitech Ltd. Singular Logic Trust IT Services University of Piraeus Research Center Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
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2017 The DataLab Innovation Project
IMX Investment Management eXtension

IMX is an industry collaboration project funded by the DataLab. It builds upon my knowledge of data mining and machine learning to develop techniques for comparing finance assets with model portfolios, such that alternative financial packages can be developed that fulfil the same role as an existing package, but at lower cost/risk.

Other Partners: Nucleus Financial
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2014-2017 7th Project Framework
SUPER Social sensors for secUrity assessments and Proactive EmeRgencies management

SUPER is a project funded by the European Commission within the 7th framework programme under the SEC-2013-1 security call. SUPER explored a holistic integrated framework for tracking and evaluating the reactions of different types of stakeholders (e.g. victims, volunteers, citizens) to emergencies using social media, while at the same time empowering security forces and civil protection agencies to fully leverage social media in their operations.

Other Partners: National Technical University of Athens Barcelona Media/Yahoo! Research Sensap Vitrociset IN2 Civil Protection Service of Campania Region (Italy) General Inspectorate of Romanian Police (Romania)
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2013-2014 DSTL/EPSRC
ReDites Real Time, Detection, Tracking, Monitoring and Interpretation of Events in Social Media

The ReDites project was a follow-up project to CROSS (as well as other projects from the same funding call), and aimed to develop a demonstrator system for detecting, interpreting and monitoring events in social media.

Other Partners: Aston University University of Edinburgh Loughorough University University of Sheffield
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2013 Impact Accelerator Project
TRIP TRIP Knowledge Exchange Project

TRIP was a knowledge exchange project with, which is a commercial SME that specializes in medical search. The aim was to research new approaches to personalize medical search results based on the type of the user and similar users for use within the search product.

Other Partners:
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CROSS Real-time story detection across multiple massive streams

The CROSS project examined how to find novel events in social streams such as Twitter, Wikipedia or Newswire, in real time. In this project we developing the Twitter event detection system at the core of the project based on locality sensitive hashing.

Other Partners: University of Edinburgh
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