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The Utopia project has held various workshops on technology and older people for both industrial and academic participants. This page provides links to information on each individual workshop (listed in backwards chronological order).







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  • Sep 2004: HCI and the Older Population (7 Sep 2004, Leeds, as part of HCI 2004). A workshop for academics and practitioners to discuss how technology design can meet the needs and wants of the older population. It followed on from the workshop on "A New Research Agenda for Older Adults", described below. It was organised by Joy Goodman and Stephen Brewster.
  • April 2004: In Search of Utopia, a workshop aimed primarily at people from industry was held on the 20th April 2004 in Edinburgh. Details can be found on the industry workshop's page (off-site). You can also read a review of the workshop
  • Nov 2002 and March 2003: Another set of workshops for people from industry was held in November 2002 (in Edinburgh and Dundee) and March 2003 (in Glasgow and Aberdeen). The workshops in this set all followed a similar format and contained similar material. A report on the Edinburgh workshop (written by Tom McEwan) is available from the Dundee site.
  • Sep 2002: A New Research Agenda for Older Adults (3 Sep 2002, London, at HCI 2002). This workshop was aimed at academics and practitioners. It was organised by Stephen Brewster and Mary Zajicek.