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Registration for the

Haptic Human-Computer Interaction Workshop


We are aiming to keep the costs of attendance as low as possible. It will cost £40 to attend the workshop. We can accept purchase orders and cheques (and cash!) but we cannot accept credit cards unfortunately. All payments must be in pounds sterling. Payments should be sent/faxed to the address below. Attendance numbers will be limited to encourage interaction - so book early!.

There are three things you must do:

  1. Fill in the Registration Form and send it back to us with payment by post or fax.
  2. If you have not submitted a paper then send us a short position statement about your interest in the area of haptic HCI. This will allow us to get a feel for the interest and background of the audience.
  3. Book a hotel.

After you have filled-in the registration form you can fax or send it by post to us with evidence of payment.

Contact and registration

Stephen Brewster
Department of Computing Science,
University of Glasgow,
Glasgow G12 8QQ, UK

phone: +44 (0)141 330 4966
fax: +44 (0)141 330 4913

Social Event

We will run an optional informal social event on Saturday 2nd September. This will be a day trip to the island of Arran on the West coast of Scotland. This will provide an extra opportunity to meet with conference attendees and see a bit more of the scottish countryside. This is a easy day train/ferry trip from Glasgow. The cost of this is not included in the workshop fee, but the train ticket is not expensive.


Here is a list of hotels that we recommend for the workshop, most are within walking distance to the University, where the workshop will be held. When booking these hotels ask for the University of Glasgow rate (the rates quoted below are the discount University rates) - all prices are in pounds stirling. Remember, you must book your own hotel. Book early as it is possible that the hotels will fill up.

Details and maps of how to get here are available on the Travel page. More information about visiting the University of Glasgow

Map of the hotels for ICAD

1. Devonshire Hotel of Glasgow
5, Devonshire Gardens,
Glasgow, G12 OUX.
Tel: +44 141 339 7878
Fax: +44 141 339 3980
£110 (single), £145 (twin)
15 minutes walk from University
Pretty luxurious!
2. Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor Hotel,
Great Western Road,
Glasgow, G12 0TA.
Tel: +44 141 339 8811
Fax: +44 141 334 0710

On-Line information on the hotel

72 (single), £92 (twin)
10 minutes from the University
3. Jury's Hotel,
Great Western Road,
Glasgow, G12 0XP.
Tel: +44 141 337 3033
Fax: +44 141 334 3846
£60 (single), £70 (twin)
30 minutes walk from the University
4. The Albion Hotel,
405-407 North Woodside Road,
Glasgow, G20 6NN.
Tel: +44 141 339 8620
Fax: +44 141 334 8159
£44 (single), £56 (twin)
10 minutes walk from the University
5. The Ambassador Hotel,
7 Kelvin Drive,
Glasgow, G20 8QJ.
Tel: +44 141 946 1018
Fax: +44 141 945 5377
£44 (single), £56 (twin)
15 minutes walk from the University
6. Hillhead Hotel,
32, Cecil Street,
Glasgow, G12 8RJ.
Tel: +44 141 339 7733
Fax: +44 141 339 1770
£38 (single), £48 (twin)
5 minutes walk from University
7. Lomond and Kelvin Hotels,
6 & 15 Buckingham Terrace,
Glasgow, G12 8EB.
Tel: +44 141 339 2339
Fax: +44 141 339 5215
£38 (single), £56 (twin)
10 minutes walk from University