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Multi-modal Interaction group (Mig)

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UTOPIA is a Scottish research project investigating the design and development of computer-based technology for older people. It is formed from a partnership of research groups at four universities (Dundee, Glasgow, Abertay and Napier). This website describes the part played by the group at Glasgow University and the particular sub-projects on which it is concentrating.

More information about UTOPIA can be found on this site's Overview page, and on the main UTOPIA site (in Dundee).

This site is structured as follows:

  • Home This introductory page
  • UTOPIA overview A more detailed introduction and some useful information about UTOPIA as a whole
  • Projects This describes the particular projects we are working on
  • People The people involved in UTOPIA
  • Resources Links to useful organisations, journals, research groups, etc.
  • Papers Papers we have published


This year we held 2 workshops on technology and older people. You can find out more at the links below:

This research group is also part of the following groups:

GIST (Glasgow Interactive Systems) group

Multi-modal Interaction group (Mig) at Glasgow