Information Retrieval and Human Computer Interaction

a one day workshop in Glasgow held on 17 September 1996

Glasgow Interactive Systems Truc
Computing Science
University of Glasgow

A one day workshop on many issues placed near or at the junction of IR and HCI. This meeting was hosted in Glasgow University by two BCS specialist groups and attracted a large audience for a very successful workshop. A full programme is included below.

The proceedings are available in compressed postscript (.ps.z) format (744K expanding to 8M) or HTML.

The workshop has led to a special issue of Interacting with Computers on Human Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval.

The workshop was jointly organised by the British HCI Group and the British Computer Society's Information Retrieval Specialist Group.

Full Programme

0945            Welcome coffee

1000 - 1030     Multilingual interfaces for IR systems: desparately looking for
                paradigms and examples
                Monnica Landoni & Forbes Gibb, Strathclyde University

1030 - 1100     Design of an IRS for users' perception of the corpus
                Jean-Pierre Chevallet and Laurence Nigay, CLIP-IMAG Grenoble

1100 - 1130     coffee

1130 - 1200     Using usage data in collaborative environments
                Matthew Chalmers, UBILAB Zurich

1200 - 1230     Use of conceptual models for a tourist information application
                Joe Bullock, Manchester University

1230 - 1300     Information retrieval in astronomy
                Clive Davenhall, Ins for Astronomy, Edinburgh University

1300 - 1400     lunch

1400 - 1430     Managing temporality in information retrieval interfaces
                Helen Parker and Chris Roast, Sheffeild Hallam University

1430 - 1500     Usability inspection and evaluation of interactive IR systems
                Mark Treglown and Janet Finlay, Huddersfield University

1500 - 1530     Cognitive aspects of information-seeking during complex learning
                tasks: a comparison of book and electronic versions of a medical
                handbook -- Joe Nicholls, Mark Howes and Rick Jones, Leeds Uni

1530 - 1600     coffee

1600 - 1630     Interfaces to support collaboration in information retrieval
                Mike Twidale and Dave Nichols, Lancaster University

1630 - 1700     Providing expert assistance with IR in the virtual library
                Procter, Banks, MacDonald, Davenport, Burnhill & Cannell
                Comp Sci, Edinburgh University

1700 - 1730     Information retrieval: an issue of navigation in information 
                space -- David Benyon, Napier University

1730            Close

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