Glasgow Parallelism Group (GPG)

2014--2015 GPG Meetings and Seminars

Date Title Speaker
Autumn 2014
1 Oct. Room F121 Dataflow programming for optimised real-time computer vision on FPGAs Dr Rob Stewart, Heriot-Watt University
8 Oct. Room F121 Hardware Support for Shared-memory Concurrency: Reconciling Programmability with Performance Dr Vijay Nagarajan, Edinburgh University
15 Oct. Heriot-Watt University SPLS -
22 Oct. Room F121 Propositions as Sessions, Semantically Dr J. Garrett Morris, Edinburgh University
29 Oct. Room F121 High-Performance Computer Algebra: A Case Study Experience Report Dr Patrick Maier, Glasgow University
5 Nov. Room F121 SKI combinators (really) are Turing complete Prof Greg Michaelson, Heriot-Watt University
12 Nov. Room F121 Python and Parallelism Mr J. Magnus Morton, Glasgow University
19 Nov. Room F121 Parallel Computation of Multifield Topology Dr David Duke, University of Leeds
26 Nov. Room F121 Modelling atmospheric aerosol: why should we care about complexity and how do we find out associated impacts? Dr David Topping, University of Manchester
Winter 2014 -- 2015
3 Dec. 4pm
Room SAWB 422
Reliable Scalable Symbolic Computation: The Design of SymGridPar2 Prof Phil Trinder, University of Glasgow
10 Dec.
Room SAWB 303
Pull and Push arrays, Effects and Array Fusion Dr Josef Svenningsson, Chalmers University, Sweden
14 Jan. Room F121 Formal Semantics for C-like Languages Dr Mark Batty, University of Cambridge
21 Jan. Room F121 -
28 Jan. Room F121 Parallelisation and Model Coupling of Weather Simulations on Heterogeneous Platforms Dr Wim Vanderbauwhede, University of Glasgow
4 Feb. Room F121 -
11 Feb. Room F121 Equational reasoning in fine grain algorithms Dr John O'Donnell, University of Glasgow
18 Feb. Strathclyde University SPLS -
25 Feb. Room F121 Towards Performance Portability for Heterogeneous Systems (a Unified View of Algorithmic Choices and Hardware Optimisations) Dr Christophe Dubach, Edinburgh University
Spring 2015
2 Mar. Room SAWB/422 What I Learned at Google and eBay Mr Randy Shoup, CTO KIXEYE
4 Mar. Room F121 Semi-Automatic Refactoring for (Heterogeneous) Parallel Programs Dr Chris Brown, University of St Andrews
11 Mar. Room F121 Many-Core Compiler Fuzzing Dr Alastair Donaldson, Imperial College London
18 Mar. Room F121 Computational Modelling of Materials and Structures Prof Chris Pearce & Dr Lukasz Kaczmarczyk, University of Glasgow
25 Mar. Room F121 ARRCS-Systems Student Presentations Mr Craig Mclaughlin, Mr Dimitar Petrov, and Mr Gordon Reid
22 Apr. Room F121 Level 5 Student Presentations Mr Kristian Hentschel & Mr Gordon Reid, University of Glasgow
29 Apr. Room F121 Haskell MOOC - Crowdsourcing the Curriculum Dr Jeremy Singer, University of Glasgow
6 May Room F121 Type-driven Verification of Communicating Systems Dr Edwin Brady, University of St Andrews
7 May @10am, Room SAWB/422 Enabling design-space exploration for robot SLAM - for accuracy, performance and energy Prof Paul Kelly, Imperial College London
13 May Room F121 Parallel Search, Backjumping, and Brittle Skeletons Mr Ciaran McCreesh, University of Glasgow
20 May Room F121 Profiling A Parallel Domain Specific Language Using Off-The-Shelf Tools Mr Majed Al Saeed, University of Glasgow
27 May Room F121 LHC Computing Beyond the Higgs Prof Dave Britton, University of Glasgow