Participation is £35. Any kind of presenters (e.g., Invited speakers, poster presenters, and panellists) are exempt from the registration fee.

Please make a cheque payable to "Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow" and post it to Joemon Jose, Department of Computing Science, 17 Lilybank Gardens, G12 8RZ, Glasgow, UK.

Alternatively, the regostration fee can be paid at the time of arrival in cash or by cheque.

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+ We DO NOT issue letters of invitation for employees of commerical organisations from countries that require a visa to enter the UK. If in doubt, please contact us before registering.

^ We require every conference delegate to use an institutional email address. It is not permitted to register using an email address from any freely available provider (such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL or Gmail). Please use an alternative to freely available email accounts, as your registrations will be ignored otherwise.

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