Information for prospective PhD Applicants

Reading this page probably means you are interested in at least one of my research interests and looking to explore the potential for a PhD application under my supervision.

I receive a large number of requests from all over the world. In order to filter these, I look for a number of things as detailed below.

  • I expect my students to have taken advanced systems modules in their BSc/MSc, be strong system programmers (i.e., C/C++/embedded C skills), have a good knowledge of one more language (e.g., Python or Erlang), have at least an introductory level understanding of electronics and systems hardware, and with good data analysis/mathematical skills (using MATLAB/R/Python).
  • I expect them to publish at least 2 publications before graduation, one of which at a top tier systems venue.

Please only make contact with me once you have an idea of what you want to work on and how it would be relevant to my fields of research (you can view/read my publications and a summary of my work here and here or even here). You need to think about how it overlaps with your interests and experience.

Once you know this, send me such details in the form of a concise research proposal (2-3 pages) along with a CV (include previous degrees and grades, any publications, awards of excellence, and if you are a football legend or not).

Your proposal should outline the problem you want to work on, why you want to work with me in particular, and what knowledge and skills you will bring to solve said problem. If these points are not clarified, I am inclined to ignore your email.

When emailing me, please send any attached documents in PDF. I will not open Word documents. If I find your proposal interesting and convincing, I will encourage you to name me as a supporter of your official application using the standard procedure that can be found here.