Continuous Uncertain Interaction

This page accompanies my thesis, "Continuous Uncertain Interaction". PDF versions of the thesis, the complete set of figures used, the thesis BibTeX file, videos and demonstration programs can be found here.


The thesis examines user interfaces in terms of the of the flow of evidence. The interface is considered as a tool with which users -- in an ongoing, negotiated interaction -- manipulate the beliefs of systems about their intentions. They do this by providing relevant evidence, while the system informs the user as to the effect of evidence upon its beliefs. The construction of the systems which mediate this flow is considered. Predictive displays with appropriate representation of uncertainty are discussed, especially the sonification of changing beliefs. Techniques for bringing long-term inference into tight control loops (and a resulting text entry system) are given, and a new model for continuous, probabilistic selection interfaces is outlined.
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The bibtex file which holds every reference used in the thesis is available here . The references are in the format AbcDefGhiXX, using the first three letters of (up to) the first three author surnames and then the two-digit year. For example, Sheridan and Ferrell 1974 becomes SheFer74.

Videos and Audio

Granular Synthesis and Predictive Displays (Ch. III and IV)

Hex (Ch. V)

Active Selection (Ch. VI)


Some selected demos are available for download. These demos should not require significant setting up, and should run on most Windows machines. Their purpose and effects are described in more detail in the relevant chapters of the thesis.