Research Students (Graduated)

  • Dr Michele Sevegani, Bigraphs with sharing and applications in wireless networks (2012). Now Lecturer in Computing Science at Glasgow University.
  • Dr Robin Donaldson, Modelling and analysis of structure in cellular signaling systems (2012). Research Assistant at Stanford University, then entrepreneur.
  • Dr Andrea Degasperi, Multi-scale Modelling of Biological Systems in Process Algebra (2011). MRC Cancer Unit, University of Cambridge.
  • Dr Douglas Graham, Parameterised Verification of Randomised Distributed Systems using State-Based Models (2008). Actuary at Hymans Robertson.
  • Dr Alastair Donaldson (second supervisor) (2007). Developer at Codeplay, then researcher at Oxford and now Professor at Imperial College London.
  • Dr Vladislav Vyshemirsky, Probabilistic Reasoning and Inference for Systems Biology (2007). Lecturer Maths & Stats at Glasgow University.
  • Dr Brian Ross, Computing Bisimulations for Multiway Synchronising Processes (2003). Deloitte, London.
  • Dr Peter Saffrey, Optimising Communication Structure for Model Checking State Spaces (2003). Associate Director Bioinformatics Software Engineering, Astex Therapeutics.
  • Dr Stephan Reiff-Marganiec, Hybrid Feature Interaction Resolution Techniques for Telecommunications Services (2001). Professor of Computer Science at University of Derby.
  • Dr Colin Burns, The Use of Deontic Logics in Modelling Accident Reports (2003). Technologist in company in USA.
  • Dr Brian Matthews, Order-Sorted Term Rewriting Laboratory with A-C Completion and Dynamic Typing (1997). Scientific officer at UKRI STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.
  • Dr Carron Shankland, Verification of LOTOS Specifications using Term Rewriting (1994). Professor of Computing Science at University of Stirling.
  • Dr Sharon Flynn, (for one year) Refinement of Expressions (1999). Lecturer, University of Galway.
  • Alastair Reid, A Precise Semantics for Ultra-Loose Specifications (1995). Researcher at Intel.
  • Saaed Al-Amoudi, Compilation of Prolog into Relational Algebra (1990)


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