Oana Maria Andrei
Address:     Sir Alwyn Williams Building
18 Lilybank Gardens
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8RZ, UK
Office: F113
Phone: +44 141 330 5457
Email: oana.andrei -at- glasgow.ac.uk
I am a member of the FATA research section.


Research interests. Modelling complex, concurrent systems such that they are amenable to rigorous property analysis is central to my research. My expertise lies in Formal Modelling and Analysis for interdisciplinary research, often leading to new theoretical results, while validating existing ones.
My core formal modelling and analysis research interests include quantitative automata, Markov models, process algebra, stochastic model checking, term and graph rewriting, interface automata.
My interdisciplinary research to date encompasses areas such as:

  • Communicating Systems (autonomous systems, vehicular networks, security protocols, sensor networks, smart water networks)
  • Human-Computer Interactions (user models, analytics for interactive systems)
  • Computational Social Science (social group interactions)
  • Computational Biology (biochemical networks, membrane systems)

My publications are listed on this webpage, as well as on Google Scholar, DBLP, and ORCID.

Short Bio:

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