52.219 General Information

We will be operating a NQ scheme.

There is a newsgroup for this course strath.cs.ugrad.alg

You can contact me via email at pat@cs.strath.ac.uk or by phone on extension 4303.

There is a help/faq file. Please look at it and suggest how it can be improved.

Source Code

The *.scm files are scheme and can be loaded within scheme for example (load "/home/s7/pat/scheme/pub/world") will give you most of the essentials for the course Many of the *.scm files are supporting material for the course, and should be considered as executable lecture notes, and should also be read (see below)

The lnn files (where nn is a 2 digit integer) are (generally) lecture notes and can be read using the page command, such as page /home/s7/pat/scheme/pub/l01. You will find within the notes references to supporting source files. These sources files are an integral part of the course material, and should be read and run (see above).

The ex*.scm are the exercises, and may just be pointers to where you will find the exercises. There will be a range of exercises, from easy to advanced. Some of these exercises will be marked as compulsory.

The *.ps files are postscript files and can be viewed via ghostview (or possibly gs). Typically the *.ps files will be the over head transparencies (oht) used in the course, such as oht0.ps, the 10 overhead transparancies for the first lecture (sorry, but I tend to count from zero), oht1.ps used in 2nd lecture

The *.data are data files and will be used as input data sets for some of the algorithms in the course

I really hope you enjoy the course