This research aims to provide a better management of large scale networks by leveraging the concept of Software Defined Networking (SDN). The networks researched are the one used by Data Centers (DC) or possibly the next generation of Internet Service Providers networks.

The current trend in networking for Data Center Networks has been to use commodity hardware at the rack level to reduce the infrastructural cost, however, while reducing the cost the number of devices is larger due to the low port density of such devices. Even with a reasonable failure rate per device such networks can contain tens of thousands of networking hardware and therefore failures becomes expected and the network had be designed to resist such failures.

The main aspects of the proposed research are to use the functionalities provided by SDN and apply them to a novel infrastructure monitoring, failure detection and mitigation system. Such system would be able to react to hardware failure and misconfiguration and use an action to mitigate the anomaly, therefore, providing a more robust DCN while reducing the overall operational cost.


Work In Progress ...


Research student in the Embedded, Networked and Distributed Systems (ENDS)

Under the supervision of Dr Dimitris Pezaros and Prof Joe Sventek

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MEng Project (5th year): Team project aiming to create networks of devices by using the new light bulbs based on Ligh Emitting Diode. The modulation of the light was used to allow data to be transferred between multiple endpoints. The approach was based on the standards provided by the IEEE 802.15.7. I was in charge of the software part and the digital circuit to exchange data between the device and a computer.

4th year Project: Design and prototype a dashboard for the formula student car in Glasgow University. The project aimed to provide an embedded linux system on board of a small race car that allows to monitor all the sensors in the vehicle. I was in charge of the team and was responsible of the circuit design and software for the communication between the sensors and the User Interface.


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