Call for Papers

Interested participants are invited to submit papers that should describe high-quality original research joining computer vision and pattern recognition, human sciences and automatic behavior understanding areas. Topics of interest include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Proxemics
  • Human ethology
  • Kinesics
  • Spatial Empathy
  • Territoriality
  • Expressions and emotions
  • Tracking: multi-person, multi-camera, group/crowd
  • Motion segmentation and analysis
  • Crowd/group analysis and simulation
  • Social force models
  • Collective and emergent behaviour
  • Gesture/Action recognition
  • Activity analysis
  • Multi-person/group/crowd interaction analysis
  • Spatial and temporal reasoning
  • Sensory integration and data fusion
  • Situation awareness and understanding
  • Applications: Ambient Intelligence, Surveillance and Monitoring, Domotics, Intelligent, Perceptual Marketing