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Yolanda Vazquez-Alvarez

SICSA Research Fellow | University of Glasgow

Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour (IPAB) | University of Edinburgh

About Me

I am a SICSA Research Fellow at the School of Computing Science, Glasgow University, working on Pervasive Social Signal Processing in collaboration with Alessandro Vinciarelli. I completed my PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Stephen Brewster, which investigated the design and evaluation of spatial auditory interfaces for mobile audio-augmented environments focusing on 3D audio, multimedia, non-visual, pervasive interaction.

My main research interests also include the design and application of non-visual interfaces for mobile ubiquitous computing, speech technology and spoken language processing, human perception, decision-making and strategic interaction. My PhD research included testing different techniques for simultaneously presenting multiple audio streams when mobile, including 3D audio techniques, and the analysis and description of user behaviour in purely exploratory environments.