Putting Citizens in Charge of the Democratic Process

The Handivote system allows people to vote using their mobile phones. Our proposal includes a series of checks and balances which will ensure that:

  • Voting is anonymous and no one will be able to link the vote to the voter
  • Voters can vote from wherever they are
  • They can vote by sending a simple SMS message
  • They can check whether their vote was counted correctly once the referendum is over
  • They can ensure that all votes were tallied correctly and that no fraud has occurred
The proposal makes it possible to conduct frequent referenda which will ensure that citizens are able to participate in the democratic process regularly and not only at elections.

NUT Referendum: Results are Out!

Question: Should the National Union of Teachers allow members to vote by SMS?

Voting Options:
Yes, No, Abstain, Spoil Vote


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Field Trials of Handivote

Kelvinside Meadow Opinion Poll

Consulting residents about the future of the North Kelvin Meadow and Childrens Wood (The old Clouston St football pitches)

Neilston Opinion Poll

Consulting residents about the future of the Kingston Playing Fields green space

NUT Voting

The National Union of Teachers will be using Handivote to allow their members to vote by SMS