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Second International Summer School on Behavioural Types


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The summer school will take place in Limassol, Cyprus. Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus, after the capital, Nicosia. It is located on the south coast of the island, between the ancient towns of Amathus and Kourion.

It is the largest city in geographical size as well as being the biggest municipality of Cyprus. The city is also well known for its biggest port in the Mediterranean transportation trade. Limassol is renowned for its extensive cultural traditions, and it offers a wide spectrum of activities and a number of museums and archaeological sites to the interested visitor. Indeed, this richly cultured, cosmopolitan seaside city has become one of the most important tourism destinations in Cyprus.

Limassol was built between two ancient cities, Amathus and Kourion, and during Byzantine rule it was known as Neapolis (new town). Limassol's historical centre is located around its medieval Limassol Castle and the Old Port. Today the city spreads along the Mediterranean coast and has extended much farther than the castle and port, with its suburbs stretching along the coast to Amathus. 

The venue of the summer school will be the 3-star Kapetanios Odyssia Hotel, a 3-star superior hotel, suitable for both students and lecturers. It is conveniently located in one of the most privileged areas of Limassol and 100 meters from the beach.

It offers an extensive variety of facilities and it is renowned for its excellent service, friendly atmosphere, and the good food.