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Behavioural Types for Reliable Large-Scale Software Systems
COST Action IC1201


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BETTY organised the following events, separately from the Working Group and Management Committee meetings.


  • BEAT 2013, 22nd January 2013, co-located with POPL in Rome, Italy. The proceedings are available here.
  • BEAT 2, 23rd-24th September 2013, co-located with SEFM in Madrid, Spain. The pre-proceedings are available here. Selected revised papers are in the combined proceedings of the SEFM workshops.

    Steve Counsell, Manuel Núñez (editors):
    Software Engineering and Formal Methods - SEFM 2013 Co-located Workshops: BEAT2, WS-FMDS, FM-RAIL-Bok, MoKMaSD, and OpenCert, Madrid, Spain, September 23-24, 2013, Revised Selected Papers. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8368, Springer 2014, ISBN 978-3-319-05031-7. 
  • BEAT 2014, 1st September 2014, co-located with CONCUR in Rome, Italy. The proceedings are Volume 162 of Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science (EPTCS).
  • WS-FM / BEAT 2015, 4th-5th September 2015, co-located with CONCUR in Madrid, Spain. Selected revised papers are in the combined proceedings of WS-FM 2014 and WS-FM / BEAT 2015.

    Thomas Hildebrandt, António Ravara, Jan Martijn van der Werf, Matthias Weidlich (editors):
    Web Services, Formal Methods, and Behavioural Types - 11th International Workshop, WS-FM 2014, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 11-12, 2014, and 12th International Workshop, WS-FM/BEAT 2015, Madrid, Spain, September 4-5, 2015, Revised Selected Papers. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9421, Springer 2016, ISBN 

Summer Schools


There was also the pre-BETTY workshop, which was the origin of the proposal for a COST Action.