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Information retrieval is a challenging process. Increasingly information is sought from collections with multiple media and genres using multiple modalities and languages. A number of factors affect the retrieval process such as query formulation, matching process and result presentation. However, the importance of context in the retrieval process has been identified. Adaptive retrieval, a process in which the search process is adapted towards the user needs/context, has become more and more important.

As a continuation of the successful workshop in 2006, we are organizing the Second International Workshop on Adaptive Information Retrieval in conjunction with the IIiX 2008 conference. The workshop will be revolved around the following themes:

The workshop focuses especially on researchers who have interest in context sensitive retrieval, personalization systems, adaptive retrieval models, implicit feedback systems, test collection building for interactive evaluation, interactive and adaptive multimedia retrieval and evaluation methodologies. The workshop will be held on the Saturday, 18th October 2008 immediately after the IIiX 2008 conference