Clydescope Health Ltd

Clydescope Health was a medical device and IP generation project. The objective was to develop technology that would enable better quality of life for Type 1 diabetic patients through monitoring and delivery of treatment in an automated, autonomous and reliable wearable solution that proved remote visibility for carers.

My contribution to this project was in the development of the prototype and the business. My research was mainly focused on outleir detection, edge computation and reliable and trustworthy software development for critical applications.

AnyScale Apps

The vision of the Anyscale project is to "Write Once, Scale Anywhere" and allow software to run on any device scale, from a tiny wireless mote to a massive cloud datacenter. Many-core, robotics, machine learning and distributed computing experts from the University of Glasgow, University of Edinburgh and University of Manchester are working together in delivering this vision.

My contribution to this project has been predominantly through working on the room occupancy Raspberry Pi super-computer network which is installed at the University of Glasgow.


The Inspection Capabilites for Enhanced Ship Safety project is a European SFP7 funded research project. Collaborators from industry and academia have worked together to deliver advanced inspection and monitoring tools that bring structural and mechanical inspection integration together in a unified software and hardware platform.

My contribution to this project has been through software development on the machinery reliability and inspection tools and focused on the development of a Decision Support System at the University of Strathclyde.

EU Mutual Recognition

The EU MR initiative is a group of 12 Classification Societies which are the EU Recognised Organisations. As required by the European Commission the role of this group is to implement Article 10.1 of Regulation (EC) No. 391/2009. In that respect, they have a responsibility to produce processes and guidelines for the commonly accepted certificates that will be recognised by all Societies within Europe and beyond.

As part of my work in the University of Strathclyde I was involved in developing an independent report for the progress made in the implementation of Article 10.1 and submitting it to the European Commission. This report can be downloaded from here.