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Various demos produced as a part of the project are avaiable for download. Each demo contains a complete description of the demonstration and instructions for use in HTML format.


Marble demonstrates simulation of a dynamic system with Monte-Carlo prediction of future states, linked to a granular synthesis sonification of the probability density of the predictions.
Instructions for use
Unzip to a directory. Run demo.bat. Mouse controls the tilt of the surface.
Download [1.8Mb]


Hex is a probabilistic text entry system using a hexagonal grid. Probabilities from a language model alter the dynamics of the interface, guiding the user by reducing effort needed to enter probable sequences.
Watch a video [11.6mb] of the demo on a mobile device

Pointing without a Pointer Demo

This demonstrates the use of perceptual control theory in user interfaces. This demonstrates how items subject to random independent disturbances can be selected by indirect stabilisation rather than by direct selection.
Instructions for use
Unzip to a directory. Run pctmodel.exe. Use the mouse to move the white targets. All targets will move simultaneously. To select an object, hold the white targetting circle over the the associated yellow target. The object will highlight and eventually will be selected.
Download [3.6Mb]

Granular Synthesis Demo I

This demonstrates the use of granular synthesis sonifying a two-dimensional space with a number of Gaussian densities each of which is associated with a sound. Probability of drawing grains from each sound is given by the probability of each density conditioned on the current mouse position. The smooth audio representation of the probability density is apparent.
Instructions for use
Unzip to a directory. Run granular.exe. The mouse moves a cursor through the state space. The program will automatically load any wave files placed in the same directory and place them randomly in the space.
Download [1.5Mb]


Additional videos of Audioclouds work are available at .