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3D audio, mobile devices and gestures

introduction Introduction

Closeup of handheld Mobile computing devices are extremely popular. Mobile phones and handheld computers are one of the fastest growth areas of computing, and this growth will extend into sophisticated, fully wearable computers in the near future. However, these devices often have limited input and output capabilities. Limited screen space means displays can easily become cluttered. Input is also limited; slow and cumbersome methods such as small keyboards or handwriting recognition are the norm. Current interaction techniques limit mobile devices because activities like walking, driving or navigating all require high visual attention and dealing with a complex display at the same time can cause problems.

3D Space

The innovative aspect of this project is to explore a new paradigm for interacting with mobile computers, based 3D sound and gestures, to create interfaces that are powerful, usable and natural. The gesture modelling will be a novel combination of dynamic systems models and nonparametric statistical models. We will develop a wearable computer that uses 3D sound for output and head, hand and device gestures for input. This will allow us to investigate new presentation methods and interaction techniques to allow richer and more complex, tightly coupled interactions with mobile devices, opening up the possibilities for using mobile devices in a range of new ways.

EPSRC project GR/R98105

Executive Summary

people People

Aims Aims
Investigating 3D audio on wearable computers to increase display space.

Investigating head, hand and device gestures for input on mobile devices.

The Audioclouds Setup

Demonstrating how dynamic systems theory and nonparametric statistical models can be used to model gestures.

Assesing the techniques developed to ensure their usability.

Developing guidelines and demos to show designers how to use the new interaction techniques.

Complete list of group publications produced during the project, all available online.

Demos developed during the Audiocloud project; videos of the projects and Windows executables.

data setsData Icon
Data sets for gesture recognition produced during the project, for researchers to use to evaluate their recognition techniques with typically observed data.

A set of guidelines for interface design derived as a result of the project.

The workshops, special issues and public awareness activities that formed part of the project.

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Mobile HCI'04
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Inertial sensing and miniature accelerometers provided by XSens, B. V.