Keynote Speaker
Integrated Safety System Design and Future Developments of Large Commercial Airplanes Earl Weener pdf format
Paper Session 1
The Effect of Automation on The Frequency of Task Prioritization Errors on Commercial Aircraft Flight Decks: An ASRS Incident Report Study Jennifer Rae Wilson
Ken Funk
pdf format
Safety Concerns at Ontario Hydro: The Need for Safety Management Through Incident Analysis and Safety Assessment John D. Lee
Kim Vicente
pdf format
Paper Session 2
Applying a Common Conceptual Mode Approach to Vertical Navigation Automation Sanjay S. Vakil
R. John Hansman
pdf format
Using a Cognitive Theoretical Framework to Support Accident Analysis Daniela K. Busse
Chris W. Johnson
pdf format
Using Verbal Protocol Analysis to Support the Integration of Human Factors in Accident Report Analysis Marie-Odile Bes
C. W. Johnson
Paper Session 3
Context and Software Safety Assessment Chris Garrett
George Apostolakis
pdf format
Paper Session 4
Explaining Sarter & Woods' Classical Results. Denis Javaux pdf format
Paper Session 5
Modeling Controller Tasks for Safety Analysis Molly Brown
Nancy G. Leveson
pdf format
Designing To Avoid Human Error Consequences S.L.N. Chen-Wing
E.C. Davey
pdf format
Paper Session 6
Errors in Aviation Decision Making: A Factor in Accidents and Incidents Judith Orasanu
Lynne Martin
pdf format
Thinking Ahead: Using Strategic Behavior to Avoid Errors on the Commercial Flight Deck William H. Rogers pdf format
Paper Session 7
Employing simulation to evaluate designs: The APEX approach Michael A. Freed
Michael G. Shafto
Roger W. Remington
pdf format