Michele Sevegnani

I am Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow. I previously held positions at the same institution as Research Fellow in the Science of Sensor Systems Software (S4) EPSRC programme grant and as EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow. I obtained a PhD from the University of Glasgow with a thesis on bigraphs with sharing, a universal computational model that encapsulates both dynamic and spatial behaviour. You can read my thesis and various academic publications in the Papers section.

My research focusses on the theory of bigraphs and how to use it to reason about safety, reliability and predictability of location-aware, event-based, software systems, particularly complex systems that are already deployed.

I am principal investigator of the following projects:

I am also one of the investigators of the XHS (eXplainable Human-Swarm teaming) project led by Dr Soorati at the University of Southampton, recently funded by the UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub.

In the past, I have led a research programme on formal methods for IoT device management platforms, with the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology, and was visiting researcher at Cambridge and UC Berkeley.

I am the lead developer of BigraphER, a suite of open-source tools for rewriting, simulation and visual display of bigraphs. Recent research includes estimation techniques for networks of sensors with overlapping ranges, digital twinning for Mixed-Reality systems, and human-autonomy teaming in connected vehicular systems. You can find more details in the Research section.

If you are interested in completing a PhD related to my research, then please contact me. You can find information about the application process here.


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