Formul'01 Papers

Matrix Modelling
Pierre Flener, Alan M. Frisch, Brahim Hnich, Zeynep Kiziltan, Ian Miguel, and Toby Walsh

Symmetry and Implied Constraints in the Steel Mill Slab Design Problem
Alan M. Frisch, Ian Miguel, and Toby Walsh

Finding the Answer by Looking in the Wrong Place
Elias Oliveira and Barbara M. Smith

The Interaction Between Simplification and Search in Propositional Satisfiability
Ines Lynce and JosoMarques-Silva

Topological Channel Routing Using Constraint Logic Programming
Andrew Hughes, Anthony J. Kusalik, and Carl D. McCrosky

First-Solution Search with Symmetry Breaking and Implied Constraints
Stephen Prestwich

On the Encoding of Constraint Satisfaction Problems with 0/1 variables
Patrick Prosser and Evgeny Selensky

Global Reasoning on Sets
Andrew Sadler and Carmen Gervet

On Mutual Reformulation of Shop Scheduling and Vehicle Routing
Evgeny Selensky

Sequential Automatic Test Pattern Generation by Constraint Programming
Sebastian Brand

Constraint Programming and Hybrid Formulations for Life
Robert Bosch and Michael Trick

An Optimal SAT Encoding of Arc Consistency in Binary CSP's
Ian P. Gent

The Fundamental Conjecture of Reformulation
Ian P. Gent