PhD projects

I’m looking for PhD students interested in the topics below. There is no guaranteed funding for these positions. Opportunities for scholarships depend on your country of origin, see the guidance on scholarships.

  • Compilers and runtime systems for heterogeneous architectures, in particular FPGAs

    The topic of this research is the development of a compiler for high-level programming of FPGAs in particular. However, the compiler targets OpenCL (e.g. using the recent SPIR draft for integration with LLVM) so that the code can also run on multicore CPUs and GPUs. If you are keen to undertake cutting-edge compiler research, this is the topic for you!

  • Acceleration of scientific code on multicore CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs

    The topic of this research is the development and application of automated refactoring and source translation technologies to scientific codes, in particular climate/weather-related simulation code, with the aim of efficient acceleration of these codes on multicore CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs. If you are interested in source-to-source compilation (e.g. the ROSE compiler framework), refactoring and GPUs or FPGAs, and have expertise in compiler technology, FPGA programming or GPU programming, this topic provides an exciting research opportunity.

  • Cybersecurity

    In the area of cybersecurity, my focus is on the use of novel type systems (dependent types, session types) to improve the security of mission-critical embedded systems, for example smart controllers for power stations. This research fits within the projects Border Patrol and AppControl. The research topics are a combination of low-level compiler back-ends and high-level type theory.