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Hands on Haptics: Exploring Non-Visual Visualisation Using the Sense of Touch


3-4th APRIL 2005


Aims and Objectives

This workshop will be a forum for investigating promising techniques and establishing standards to be employed in haptic data visualisation. Some of the questions and issues we will cover in the workshop are:

1. To review and discuss current examples of haptic visualisations with a view to identifying common solutions, new directions and unsolved challenges.
2. Collate shared experiences and results from designing with haptic feedback, designing and working with the visually impaired community, perceptual and psychophysical results with implications for designing with haptics.
3. Discuss whether haptic visualisations should be adopting conventions used in commonly encountered visual representations of data (for example, pie charts, bar charts, line graphs), or are there alternative designs more suited to the haptic sense?
4. Create tangible mock-ups which exemplify successful or promising design strategies identified by the workshop participants.

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