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Proceedings are online!


Hands on Haptics: Exploring Non-Visual Visualisation Using the Sense of Touch


3-4th APRIL 2005


Workshop Proceedings.

The papers that were accepted to the workshop are now available online (at last!):

Linjama, J.Hakkila, J. and Ronkainen, S., "Gesture Interfaces for Mobile Devices - Minimalist Approach for Haptic Interaction" Adobe PDF

Kahol, K., Tripathi, P. and Panchanathan, S., "Tactile Cueing in Haptic Visualisation" Adobe PDF

Chang, A. and O'Sullivan, C., "Describing Haptic Phenomena" Adobe PDF

Lenay, C., "Tactile Interaction in On-line Communities" Adobe PDF

Raisamo, R., "Haptics Research in TAUCHI: Aiding Visually Impaired Children and Enabling Haptic Interaction", Adobe PDF

Swindells, C., Smith, J.D. and MacLean, K.E., "An Exploration of Representations to Aid Design of Haptic Behaviors", Adobe PDF

Crossan, A. and Brewster, S., "MICOLE - Inclusive Design for Data Creation, Visualisation and Collaboration", Adobe PDF

Wall, S.A., "Using More Salient Haptic Cues in Data Visualisation", Adobe PDF

Kuber, R., Yu, W., Strain, P., Murphy, E. and McAllister, G., "Assistive Multimodal Interfaces for Improving Web Accessibility" Adobe PDF

McGookin, D.K., Kildal, J. and Brewster, S.A., "New Views on Haptic Graph Visualisation" Adobe PDF

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