GPG -- 2015-2016 Talks
Glasgow Parallelism Group (GPG)

2015--2016 GPG Meetings and Seminars

Date Title Speaker
Summer 2015
1 June Room SAWB/203 Costing and Transforming JIT Traces for Adaptive Parallelism Mr J Magnus Morton, University of Glasgow
17 June Room F121 Gcc a Glasgow c compiler Dr Paul Cockshott, University of Glasgow
Autumn 2015
7 Oct. Room F121 Autonomic Coordination of Skeleton-based Applications over CPU/GPU Multi-Core Architectures Dr Mehdi Goli, Codeplay Ltd.
14 Oct. @1pm Room F121 Improving Scalability of Distributed Computing Environments (pdf) Mr Richard Croucher, Barclays Bank
14 Oct. @3pm Level 5 Working in Finance IT Mr Richard Croucher, Barclays Bank
21 Oct. Edinburgh University SPLS --
28 Oct. Room F121 Obliterating Obstructions: Detecting Dependencies Disruptive to Parallelisation in Recursive Functions Mr Adam Barwell, University of St Andrews
4 Nov. Room F121 Performance Portability through Semi-explicit Placement in Distributed Erlang Dr Kenneth MacKenzie, St Andrews University
19 Nov. SAWB/423 @11am Some thoughts on Erlang2 Prof Joe Armstrong, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Expert in Compilers and Operating system at Ericsson AB
19 Nov. SAWB/422 @2pm Technology Transfer in Theory and Practice Prof Joe Armstrong, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Expert in Compilers and Operating system at Ericsson AB
25 Nov. Room F121 Energy-Modulated Computing: Capacitors, Causality, Concurrency... Prof Alex Yakovlev, Newcastle University
27 Nov. Level 5 @2pm Building Trustworthy Refactoring Tools Prof Simon Thompson, University of Kent
Winter 2015--2016
2 Dec. Room F121 Parallel Programming in Actor-Based Applications via OpenCL Dr Paul Harvey, University of Glasgow
9 Dec. Room SAWB/423 @11am Towards Transparent Resilience for the Chapel Parallel Language Ms Konstantina Panagiotopoulou, Heriot-Watt University
20th Jan. SAWB 404 Improving Implicit Parallelism José Calderón, University of York
27 Jan. Room F121 Heterogeneous Programming in C++: Today and Tomorrow Alastair Murray, Codeplay
3 Feb. Room F121 AnyScale Apps Dr Jeremy Singer, University of Glasgow
10 Feb. Room F121 Inferring Program Transformations from Type Transformations for Partitioning of Ordered Sets into Overlapping Sections Dr Wim Vanderbauwhede
17 Feb. Room F121 Reasoning about Structured Parallel Processes using Types and Hylomorphisms David Castro, University of St. Andrews
24 Feb. Level 5 @12pm SPLS Various
Spring 2016
9 Mar Room F121. Why So Many? A Brief Tour of Haskell DSls for Parallel Programming Dr. Patrick Maier from the University of Glasgow
16 Mar Room F121. An overview of EPCC in 2016 Dr. Michele Weiland from EPCC
23 Mar. Room F121 To Be Arranged
20 Apr Room F121. Commutativity Characterization of Algorithmic Skeletons and Their Automated Detection in Sequential Legacy Codes Dr. Björn Franke, University of Edinburgh
27 Apr Room F121. Automatic Detection of Parallelism in Scientific Fortran using Algorithmic Skeletons and OpenCL Gavin Davidson University of Glasgow
4 May Room F121. How fast? How furious? Real optimisations for real people Dr. Pavlos Petoumenos, University of Edinburgh
11 May Room F121. Managing Advisory Parallelism in a Distributed Graph Reducer using Spark Colocation Evgenij Belikov, Heriot-Watt University
18 May Room F121. Tornado: Heterogeneous Programming in Java James Clarkson, the University of Manchester
25 May Room F121. Multiscale Dataflow Computing: The Maxeler Approach Dr. Tobias Becker, Maxeler Technologies
Summer 2016
13 July Room F121. How to Compute on a Manycore Processor (slides) Prof. Bernard Goossens, University of Perpignan
17 Aug Room SAWB/423 @10.30am A dynamic object model in Unix processes, and what it can do for us Dr Stephen Kell, University of Cambridge
17 Aug Room SAWB/423 @2pm Machine Learning and Sensor Networks Prof. Neil Bergmann, University of Queensland, Australia