*** Note: see also the Workshop on the Investigation and Reporting of Incidents and Accidents. This will include a sub-theme on clinical risk management. Also a recent paper on the Hazards of Telemedicine: Barriers to Safety Culture and Uncertainty over Device Behaviour "

Proceedings of the First Workshop on

Human Error and Clinical Systems (HECS'99)

Edited by Chris Johnson.

Glasgow Accident Analysis Group Technical Report G99-1.

15-17th April 1999, University of Glasgow.

See also: Call for papers for a special edition of Springer's Cognition, Technology and Work on Human Error and Medical Systems (February 2000).

The "Why" of Error in Clinical Systems
Marilyn Sue Bogner, Institute for the Study of Medical Error, Bethesda, USA.

Improving Medical Incident Reporting

Interface Design and Evaluation

Diagnosis and Treatment Support Tools

Longitudinal Studies

Learning from Medical Risk Analysis

Ethnography and Workplace Studies

Works in Theory but not in Practice? Some notes on the Precautionary Principle
Sir Kenneth Calman and Denis Smith, Centre for Risk and Crisis Management, Durham University.

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