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Assembler lectures for CS2

W P Cockshott

The assembler course will use the PIC microprocessor.

A suitable and cheap introductory book is ‘An introduction to PIC Microcontrollers’, by R A Penfold. A couple of alternatives are: Pic Microcontrollers by Bates, or PIC – personal Introductory Course,  by Morton.


The lab is provided with the PICkit micro controller development boards and the MPLAB assembler development environment.


PIC 12f676 data sheet

Lecture Topics

These may take more than 1 lecture

What are micro controllers?

Power point

Use of MPLAB development environment

 Power point

Instruction formats for the PIC series

 Power point

An example Program

 Power point

State machines

 Power point

Control Structures

 Power point


 Power point

Virtual Memory

Power point

Floating point numbers

Power point


 Sample exam question with answer




1.      Introductory – not marked refer to the lecture on Use of MPLAB development environment above

Use the MPLAB software to enter the example program given here

Assemble it

Download it

Test it on the board

2.      Fibonacci counter exercise. This is described in full here


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