LCTES 2013 (2014)

LCTES 2014 website - LCTES is in Edinburgh 12-14 June 2014.

Best Paper Award: Congratulations to Carlos Moreno, Sebastian Fischmeister and M. Anwar Hasan, who received the LCTES 2013 best paper award for Non-Intrusive Program Tracing and Debugging of Deployed Embedded Systems Through Side-Channel Analysis.

LCTES Proceedings: now in ACM digital library.

LCTES 2013 is co-located with PLDI 2013, in Seattle, Washington, June 20-21 2013. This will be the fourteenth conference in the LCTES series.


The conference on Languages, Compilers and Tools for Embedded Systems provides a link between the programming languages and embedded systems engineering communities. Researchers and developers in these areas are addressing many similar problems, but with different backgrounds and approaches. LCTES is intended to expose researchers and developers from either area to relevant work and interesting problems in the other area and provide a forum where they can interact.

Last year's LCTES conference was in Beijing, again co-located with PLDI. The LCTES 2012 website is here, and LCTES 2011 is here. Papers from previous LCTES conferences are archived in the ACM digital library.