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Third International Workshop on Behavioural Types


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9.00-10.00: invited talk, joint with Express/SOS
Vladimiro Sassone
Towards a Computational Model for the Internet of Things

10.00-10.30: coffee break

10.30-11.15: regular talk
S. Ghilezan, S. Jakšić, J. Pantović, J. A. Pérez, and H. T. Vieira
Dynamic Role Authorization in Multiparty Conversations

11.15-12.00: regular talk
I. Castellani, M. Dezani-Ciancaglini, and J. A. Pérez
Self Adaptation and Secure Information Flow in Multiparty Structured Communications: A Unified Perspective

12.00-14.00: lunch

14.00-14.45: regular talk
R. Neykova, L. Bocchi, and N. Yoshida
Timed Runtime Monitoring for Multiparty Conversations

14.45-15.30: regular talk
M. Bartoletti, A. Scalas, and R. Zunino
A Semantic Deconstruction of Session Types

15.30-16.00coffee break

16.00-16.45: regular talk
O. Dardha
Recursive Session Types Revisited

16.45-17.30: regular talk
F. Barbanera, M. Dezani-Ciancaglini, and U. de' Liguoro
Compliance for Reversible Client/Server Interactions