The Lower Car Deck (G Deck)


G Deck(the main deck) was enclosed by a full superstructure and was a through vehicle deck with a single weathertight door at stern and double weathetight doors at bow. At each side there was a mezzanine deck(F deck). The emergency generator was situated on the starboard side of F deck. The remaining space both port and starboard sides was crew accomodation (Section 4.4 Page 3).

Events Leading to Accident

Event Report Refs
18:10 approx The assistant bosun, Mr. Mark Victor Stanley, is relieved of his duties (which included closing the bow doors) by Mr. Terence Ayling, the bosun, and returns to his cabin. 10.1 (Page 8)
18:11 approx Mr Ayling notices that the bow doors aren't closed but doesn't close them himself as it had never been part of his duties to close the doors, even although Mr Ayling believed that he was last to leave G deck and that, as far as he knew, there was no one their to close the doors. 10.2 (Page 8)
18:20 approx Mr Leslie Sabel, the Cheif Officer, leaves G Deck to go back to his post on the bridge and claimed that as he left G deck there was a man apporaching, whom he thought was the assistant bosun coming to close the bow doors. 10.8 (Page 10)
18:25 A large quantity of water entered G deck and caused an initial lurch to port due to free surface instability which was extremely rapid and perhaps reached 30 degrees. The water collected in the port wing of the vehicle deck and the ship became stable again ata al large angle of loll. Water continued to flood through the open bow doors aperture. 9.3 (page 7)