I teach the following two honours (L3/L4/L5) courses:


Studying CS at UofG

If you are thinking of studying Computing Science at the Univerisity of Glasgow, check the video below, which gives a gentle introduction to our degree programmes.

Selected Projects

Here are some selected undergraduate (L4) and master (MSc/MSci/MEng) student projects I have supervised. (Note: The tools hosted on haiti can only be accessed within the School's network.)

If you are interested in doing a project with me, then please contact me.

Alice Ravier
MEng individual project, 2021
Animation of Tombstone Diagrams
Michal Broos
L4 project, 2021
Iyengar Yoga Class Generator
Ventsislav Antov
MSc project, 2020
SFJ - Boolean types and semantic subtyping for Featherweight Java
Artem Usov
L4 project, 2020
Session Types in Pi-Calculus
Avery Mcnab
L4 project, 2019
Encoding Session Types into Linear Types in Pi-Calculus
John Bell
L4 project, 2019
A Portfolio of Case Studies using the Mungo and StMungo Protocol Typechecking Toolchain
Caitlin Norah MacFadyen
MSc project, 2019
An Evaluation Environment for Simply-Typed Lambda Calculus
Yola Jones
MSc project, 2019
Type-Checking Session-Typed Pi-Calculus with Coq
Uma Zalakain
MSc project, 2019
Animation of the Contextual Analysis and Code Generation Phases of a Compiler
David Robertson
L4 project, 2018