I am a Lecturer at the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, and also an alumnus of the University. Earlier, I worked as a post-doc on the EPSRC funded project “Exploiting Parallelism through Type Transformations for Hybrid Manycore Systems”, whose principal investigator was Dr Wim Vanderbauwhede.  

I am a member of the Centre for Computing Science Education (CCSE), and teach for our newly launched BSc (Hons) Software Engineering (Graduate Apprenticeship) program.

I am also associated with the  Glasgow Parallelism research group (GPG) in the Glasgow Systems Section (GLASS) at the school.

My main research interests are:
  • Improve accessibility to  heterogeneous platforms (CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs) via smarter tools and compilers.
  • Acceleration of Scientific Models and Machine Learning on Heterogeneous Platforms.
  • Exploring High-level Programming and Synthesis for FPGAs.
  • FPGA-based embedded systems.
  • Computing Science Education and Work-Based Learning.
I am also engaged in a number of related research interests through collaborators and students:
  •     performance benchmarks for heterogeneous devices
  •     using FPGA clusters for HPC
  •     acceleration of atmospheric and oceanic models
  •     accelerating quantum computing simulation
  •     exploring optimized arithmetic for running scientific models on FPGAs
  •     accelerating neural networks on FPGAs
  •     type-aware System-on-Chip design
  •     secure e-voting systems
  •     developing FPGA based embedded systems for MEMs sensors
  •     using machine-learning for investigating bilingualism and bilingual grammar
If you are interested in doing a PhD in a related area, please get in touch.

In another life, I was involved teaching and administration (Dean and Head of Dept) at Namal College in Mianwali, Pakistan, which was then an Associate College of the University of Bradford. Among other jobs, I had a pivotal role in maintaining the academic link between Namal College and Bradford University.

Please feel free to get in touch about any of these, or if you want to know more about my research, please go here.

I am a Compumatch associate.  I am also  the Honorary Chairperson of the Scottish Pakistani Association (We are looking to add members, please get in touch!).