Teaching and Supervision


I am teaching "Practical Algorithms" in Spring 2020.  Other courses I have taught, co-taught, or guest-lectured at Glasgow are:
Previously, I have taught these undergraduate courses at Namal College, an Associate College of University of Bradford, based in Pakistan: Logic Design, Operating Systems, Introduction to Physics (Electromagnetics), and Digital Design. I have conducted numerous workshops on Verilog HDL, C++ and SystemC, as well as on soft transferable skills.


Please get in touch if you are interested in working with me in any of the areas I have identified on my home page and research page.

Here are some selected student projects I have supervised (past and on-going):
  • Using FPGAs for accelerating scientific models from the domains of fluid dynamics
  • Development and Optimisation of Quantum Computing Simulators with a Study of Quantum Algorithms
  • Range Type Attributes and Number Representations for FPGAs
  • Using OpenCL for Accelerating Deep-Learning on FPGAs
  • Transformation of pipe-based OpenCL kernels into an LLVM-based intermediate representation for FPGA programming.
  • Using Machine Learning to Uncover Language Features in Synthetic and Real Languages