DDR-2011: Diversity in Document Retrieval


When an ambiguous query is received, a sensible approach is for the information retrieval (IR) system to diversify the results retrieved for this query, in the hope that at least one of the interpretations of the query intent will satisfy the user. Diversity is an increasingly important topic, of interest to both academic researchers (such as participants in the TREC Web and Blog track diversity tasks), as well as to search engines professionals. In this workshop, we solicit submissions both on approaches and models for diversity, the evaluation of diverse search results, and on applications and presentation of diverse search results.

Workshop Themes

As diversity is, in general, am emerging topic, these is no consensus on various aspects of the topic. The primary aim of this workshop is to foster an interactive, in-depth environment with papers and attendees representing and discussing one of four workshop themes:

  • Modelling - e.g. "What are the key components of diversification models?"
  • Evaluation - e.g. "How can a better evaluation experiment for diversification be structured?"
  • Applications - e.g. "What are the key applications for diversity in commercial search?"
  • Presentation - e.g. "How should diverse results be presented?"

Technical and position papers on each of these four topics are invited for submission before 20th February 2011. In the workshop program, these will be presented, before breakout sessions continue on each of the four workshop themes.


The program for the workshop is now available. In particular, the DDR workshop will have 3 plenary sessions, a poster session and breakout groups.