DDR-2011: Diversity in Document Retrieval

Davide Buscaldi and Paolo Rosso. Explicit Query Diversification for Geographical Information Retrieval
Gabriele Capannini, Franco Maria Nardini, Raffaele Perego and Fabrizio Silvestri. A Search Architecture Enabling Efficient Diversification of Search Results
Pablo Castells, Saúl Vargas and Jun Wang. Novelty and Diversity Metrics for Recommender Systems: Choice, Discovery and Relevance
Praveen Chandar and Ben Carterette. Analysis of various evaluation measures for diversity
Vassilis Plachouras. Diversity in Expert Search
Niall Rooney, David Patterson and Vladimir Dobrynin. SOPHIA: bridging the gap between thematic modelling to interactive diverse search
Rodrygo Santos and Iadh Ounis. Diversifying for Multiple Information Needs
Steven Schockaert and Martine De Cock. Diversification of search results as a fuzzy satisfiability problem
Marcin Sydow. Towards the Foundations of Diversity-Aware Node Summarisation on Knowledge Graphs
Wei Zheng and Hui Fang. A Comparative Study of Search Result Diversification Methods

All papers are available from the workshop proceedings, edited by Craig Macdonald, Jun Wang and Charlie Clarke.