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  • A Tutorial on Constraint Programming, by Barbara M. Smith (ps and pdf)
  • Algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction Problems: A Survey, by Vipin Kumar (pdf)
  • Hybrid Algorithms for the Constraint Satisfaction Problems, by Patrick Prosser (pdf)
  • On the threshold, by Brian Hayes (ps and pdf)
  • Refining the basic constraint propagation algorithm, by Christian Bessiere & Jean-Charles Regin (ps and pdf)
  • Making ac-3 an optimal algorithm, by Yuanlin Zhan & Roland Yap (ps and pdf)
  • A generic arc-consistency algorithm and its specializations, by Pascal Van Hentenryck, Yves Deville and Choh-Man Teng (pdf)
  • Solving small TSP's with constraints, by Yves Caseau and Francois Laburthe (pdf)
  • An empirical study of the phase transition in binary constraint satisfaction problems, by Patrick Prosser (ps and pdf)
  • The Constrainedness of Search, by Ian Gent, Patrick Prosser, and Toby Walsh (pdf)
  • Where the Really Hard Problems Are, by Peter Cheeseman, Bob Kanefsky, and William M. Taylor (pdf)
  • Can't get no satisfaction, by Brian Hayes (pdf)
  • An empirical study of dynamic variable ordering heuristics for the constraint satisfaction problem, (Gent,MacIntyre,Prosser,Smith,Walsh) (pdf)
  • Trying harder to fail first, by Barbara Smith and Stuart Grant (ps and pdf)
  • A case study of constraint programming for configuration problems (McDonald and Prosser) (pdf)
  • Domain Filtering Consistencies, by Romuald Debruyne and Christian Bessiere (ps)
  • Constraint satisfaction using constraint logic programming, by Pascal Van Hentenryck (pdf)
  • A Constraint for Bin Packing, by Paul Shaw (pdf)
  • The Ultrametric Constraint and its Application to Phylogenetics (Moore & Prosser) (pdf)
  • Stable Roommates and Constraint Programming(Prosser) (pdf)
  • Constructing Sailing Match Race Schedules (Macdonald, McCreesh, Miller, Prosser) (pdf)

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