Dr. Yegang Tao
I'm from Beijing, China. I just finished my Ph.D study in the Dept. of Computing Science, Univ. of Glasgow
@ Room 418, Boyd Orr Building, University Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8QQ
( +44 (0)141 339 8855 ext. 0174
* tao@dcs.gla.ac.uk
Research interests
My primary research focuses on multi-resolution representation and vector quantization techniques to compress microscopic images, especially volumetric images collected from imaging systems with three-dimensional imaging functionality like CLSM (confocal laser scanning microscopy). My research interests include vector quantization, image compression, multi-resolution analysis and microscopic imaging. My academic supervisor is W. Paul Cockshott.

Create a Human Full-body Movement Library for the Study of Biological-motion Perception
Y. Ma, F. E. Pollick, H. M. Paterson, Y. Tao
BRMIC - The Journal of Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers.
Confocal Microscopic Image Sequence Compression Using Vector Quantization and 3D Pyramids
W. P. Cockshott, Y. Tao, G. Gao, P. Balch, A. M. Briones and C. Daly
SCANNING-The Journal of Scanning Microscopies, vol 15, pp. 247-256, Sept. 2003.
A hybrid Vector Quantizer for Laplacian Pyramid Coding with Application to Volumetric Image Compression in Confocal Microscopy
Y. Tao, W. P. Cockshott
SPIE on Photonics Asia 2004, Beijing, China, Nov. 2004.
3D Microscopic Image Coding by Finite-state Vector Quantization in An Enhanced Image Pyramid
Y. Tao, W. P. Cockshott
SPIE on Medical Imaging 2004, San Diego, USA, Feb. 2004.
Microscopic Volumetric Image Data Compression Using Vector Quantization and 3D Pyramid
Y. Tao, W. P. Cockshott, G. Gao, C. Daly
Picture Coding Symposium 2003 (PCS'03), pp. 119-124, Saint-Malo, France, Apr. 2003.
Technical Reports
Find Start and End Points for Consecutive Repeated Movement Segmentation
Y. Tao
Technical report, Dept. of Phychology, Univ. of Glasgow
Fast Training and Encoding Algorithms in Vector Quantization
Y. Tao
Technical report, Dept. of Computing Science, Univ. of Glasgow
Project - Advanced Compression of Microscopic Images
Introduction to Confocal Microscopy
Bibliography of Image Coder from Keith
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
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i'm not a mania but addicted by music. One guitar, one keyboard and a computer are enough for me to spend a whole day to please myself in this studio and to make a voice of myself :-)
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There are two big Chinese students associations in Glasgow - one is GCSSA (Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholors Association) and another is GUCS (Univ. of Glasgow Chinese Society). Apart from organizing various activities like sports and tours, they offer plenty of information for Chinese studuents in Glasgow, expecially for newcomers.
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