Muffy Calder


Head of College of Science and Engineering
University of Glasgow

Research in computational modelling and automated reasoning for concurrent, communicating systems, especially sensor-based systems; privacy intrusion; responsible AI.

Member of Prime Minister's Council for Science and Technology and Senior Visiting Fellow at CETaS.

Past Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland (Scottish Government) and co-chair of SSAC (Scottish Science Advisory Council) (2012-2015), co-Chair of EU FET Science Advisory Group (2014-15), chair of BCS School Curriculum and Assessment Committee. (2018-2023), deputy chair REF 2021 Main Panel B and chair of DCMS Science Advisory Council. Past member of UKRI-EPSRC Council (2015-2020), member of Nurse Review of Research Councils (2015), Dean of Research in College of Science and Engineering (2010-2012), Senate Assessor (2009-2011), Chair of UKCRC (UK Computing Research Committee) (2008-2010), Head of Computing Science (2003-2007).

Royal Society Leverhulme Research Senior Fellow (2011-2012) and Royal Society Wolfson Merit Research Award (2011-2016). 2016 Suffrage Science award winner in Computing Science and Mathematics.

Co-Investigator and co-Chair of Leadership team of UKRI Responsible AI UK (RAI UK). Principal Investigator of the S4 EPSRC Programme Grant S4: Science of Sensor System Software. Final report here.

RSE Women in Science Online Portrait 2022

Why study Computing at School

The Bigraphs Team

Two poems:

Imagine the Pandemic Without Computer Science    Recitation: YouTube video

Computing is too important to be left to men (from Karen Spark Jones lecture)

Selected Recent Publications

Privacy Intrusion and National Security in the Age of AI: assessing proportionality of automated analytics.
CETaS Research Reports, May 2023.


Structured Framework for Assessing Proportionality of Privacy Intrusion of Automated Analytics. CETaS Research Reports, May 2023.


Quantitative Modelling and Analysis of BDI Agents Software and Systems Modeling, 2023.



Probabilistic Bigraphs Formal Aspects of Computing, Vol. 34, Issue 2, ACM, 2022. DOI


Modelling and verifying BDI agents with bigraphs Science of Computer Programming, 2022.


Stochastic model checking for predicting component failures and service availability IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, vol. 16:1, 2019. DOI


Making Sense of the World: Framing Models for Trustworthy Sensor-Driven Systems Computers, 7(4), 62, 2018. DOI

Data-driven modelling and probabilistic analysis of interactive software usage Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming, vol. 100, 2018. DOI


Computational modelling for decision-making: where, why, what, who, and how Royal Society Open Science 5:172096, 2018. DOI

Orcid number: 0000-0001-5033-7232


Current/Recent Research Projects

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Boyd Orr Building
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ
Tel: +44 141 330 4462

Muffy Calder