RESoLVE 2012 Workshop Program

Provisional program posted below. All talks are 15 minute presentations, followed by 10 minute Q+A. Each session will conclude with a general discussion for 15 minutes. We aim to make the workshop as interactive and participatory as possible - this is a fun workshop, not a formal conference.

8:00 Registration opens
Improving Hardware Virtualization
Frank Bellosa (KIT)
The Case for Reconfigurable I/O Channels (pdf) Steven Smith, Anil Madhavapeddy, Christopher Smowton, Malte Schwarzkopf, Richard Mortier, Robert N.M. Watson and Steven Hand.
Hardware/Software Techniques for Assisted Execution Runtime Systems (pdf) Gokcen Kestor, Roberto Gioiosa, Osman Unsal, Adrian Cristal and Mateo Valero.
CHERI: a research platform deconflating hardware virtualization and protection (pdf) Robert N.M. Watson, Peter G. Neumann Jonathan Woodruff, Jonathan Anderson, Ross Anderson, Nirav Dave, Ben Laurie, Simon W. Moore, Steven J. Murdoch, Philip Paeps, Michael Roe, and Hassen Saidi.
10:30 coffee break
Virtualization for Multi/Many-core
Simon Moore (U. Cambridge)
Resource management for task-based parallel programs over a multi-kernel. BIAS: Barrelfish Inter-core Adaptive Scheduling. (pdf) Georgios Varisteas, Mats Brorsson and Karl-Filip Faxen.
Optimizing Power-Performance Trade-off for Parallel Applications through Dynamic Core and Frequency Scaling (pdf) Satoshi Imamura, Hiroshi Sasaki, Naoto Fukumoto, Koji Inoue and Kazuaki Murakami.
Light-Weighted Virtualization Layer for Multicore Processor-Based Embedded Systsems (pdf) Tatsuo Nakajima.
12:30 lunch break
Jeremy Singer (U. Glasgow)
Memory Reclamation in Garbage Collected Runtimes Benjamin Corrie.
KSM++: Using I/O-based hints to make memory-deduplication scanners more efficient (pdf) (slides) Konrad Miller, Fabian Franz, Thorsten Groeninger, Marc Rittinghaus, Marius Hillenbrand and Frank Bellosa.
Using Solid State Drives (SSDs) for Virtual Block Devices (pdf) Sang-Hoon Kim, Jin-Soo Kim and Seungryoul Maeng.
3:00 coffee break
Finding and Fixing Bugs
Alex Garthwaite (VMWare)
Debugging through Time with the Tralfamadore Debugger (pdf) Christopher C. D. Head, Geoffrey Lefebvre, Mark Spear, Nathan Taylor and Andrew Warfield.
Feasibility of Mutable Replay for Automated Regression Testing of Security Updates (pdf) Ilia Kravets and Dan Tsafrir.