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The STANE BCI Hex Flutter

My research is focused on continuous interaction systems. This includes gesture recognition/motion sensor based interfaces, brain-computer interaction, and particularly developing new feedback mechanisms for such systems. I am currently a Lord Kelvin Fellow Sensors Fellow in the School of Computing Science. I previously worked on the EU TOBI project, looking at interaction design for EEG-based brain computer interfaces. I'm in the Inference, Dynamics and Interaction Group , and the GIST (HCI) group.

I am interested in continuous-control based interfaces, and in the use and representation of ambiguity in interfaces. Particular topics of interest include interaction design with unusual sensors (such as EEG), novel selection techniques and realtime sonifications of interactions.

Some of my recent work has been on the Motion Explorer project, which is developing systematic protocols to explore the input space of different joint user-sensor systems.
The Shoogle system is an example of work which combines these threads; this displays information from mobile devices as they are shaken around -- content becomes objects which rattle around "inside" the device.

My PhD thesis Continuous Uncertain Interaction discusses these issues in some depth.



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Webpage w/details and other versions       Just the PDF [40Mb]

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Embedded Systems 3 A course on mobile and embedded systems development (including iPhone and Maemo development)


Simulating Film Color Characterstics on Digital Video Stills; Photoshop Tutorial

A list of interesting Python packages and guides

GSLib -- The Granular Synthesis Library

Sacks Spirals -- Prime Factorization Spirals

Instructions for Scotland's national sport: Scunnerball

Simple C code for CORDIC computation (fixed-point sin/cos)

VSTLua -- Lua scripting for VST MIDI manipulation


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