Systems 3

Course Summary

Embedded systems 3 covers practical and theoretical aspects of developing for mobile and embedded systems. The course covers iPhone and Android development, using Objective-C and Java, respectively. It also covers advanced graphics using OpenGLES, the basics of mobile HCI, realtime audio synthesis, and the use of sensors and location-aware systems. It is focused on building realistic, concrete development skills which will persist beyond the lifetimes of the specific platforms used in the course.

As a result, the course is assessed purely on coursework. There is no written exam. Students will be assessed on a combination of minor lab assignments and a larger individual project.

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Lecture notes

Lab materials

Links and resources

developer.apple.com -- sign up for a free online account to access the APIs!
Stanford has an online course:the slides and lecture here are useful.
OpenGLES iPhone stuff
Some useful introductory iPhone tutorials here (just search for iPhone)